2018 MX Tour – Round 3


2018 MX Tour – Round 3

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With the 2018 MX Tour in full swing, the Championship battles are beginning to intensify.  The forecast of rain at Round 3 in Prince George, BC would become a factor in the track conditions and ultimately, the weekend’s race results.  MX1 Series Points Leader, Colton Facciotti is in control of the Red Plate while MX2 teammate, Dylan Wright was still waiting for his breakout ride so that he could begin minimizing the points deficit created during the opening races.

Dylan Wright #12 – MX2:

After struggling with mechanical failures that were out of his control, Dylan Wright continued to stay focused and put in solid moto’s when he could in effort to salvage valuable points.  Wright has shown the speed to win, but has been unable to connect two moto’s together to solidify himself a podium result. Logging a 5th place qualifying time in the mud, Dylan was poised to capitalize on the track conditions during the races.  In Moto 1, Wright rounded the first corner in second place and remained patient until lap nine where he made the pass for the lead and rode in for the win.  In Moto 2, Wright grabbed the Royal Distributing holeshot and checked out for another moto win, securing himself a very convincing 1-1 victory.

“I’m  super stoked to be able to bounce back and sweep both motos this weekend.  Looking forward to keeping the wheels rolling into this weekend.”Dylan Wright. MX2 Overall winner

Colton Facciotti #45 – MX1

With Momentum on his side, Colton Facciotti is the man to beat thus far.  Carrying the Red Plate into Round 3, Facciotti started his day off slower than usual with a seventh-place qualifying time.  In Moto 1, Colton had two crashes and had to fight his way from tenth into seventh place by the end of the moto.  In Moto 2, Facciotti would again have another tip over while in the third place position, dropping him back to seventh where he would finish the race.

“It wasn’t the best weekend for me and the track was difficult, but sometimes you need to pick your battles and this weekend wasn’t the one for me, so we’ll move forward to the next one.”Colton Facciotti. MX1 series leader

MX2 Race Results:

1st – Dylan Wright (1-1)

2nd – Josh Osby (3-3)

3rd – Joey Crown (2-5)

4th – Marco Cannella (6-4)

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier (4-7)


MX2 Championship Standings:

1st – Shawn Maffenbeier (151 pts)

2nd – Josh Osby (150 pts)

3rd –Jess Pettis (144 pts)

4th – Joey Crown (140 pts)

5th – Marco Cannella (123 pts)

8th – Dylan Wright (104 pts)



MX1 Race Results:

1st – Kaven Benoit (2-1)

2nd – Matt Georke (1-3)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia (3-2)

4th – Cole Thompson (4-4)

5th – Dillan Epstein (5-5)

7th - Colton Facciotti (7-7)


MX1 Championship Standings:

1st – Colton Facciotti (155 pts)

2nd – Matt Georke (151 pts)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia (140 pts)

4th – Cole Thompson (136 pts)

5th – Kaven Benoit (131 pts)


Upcoming Race:

The MX Tour will now make its first visit to the McNabb Valley raceway in Minedossa, Manitoba.  Located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, the natural terrain of the McNabb Valley creates great racing lines with high speeds.

Upcoming Racewear:

Here is a look at what the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will be showcasing at Round 4 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour in Minedossa, Manitoba.


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