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Ken Roczen
FOX Moto-X LAB Athlete
Ken Roczen trat Anfang 2011 in das Red Bull Teka KTM Factory Racing Team ein. Der talentierte Junge aus Thüringen, der bereits als einer der weltweit heißesten MX2-Fahrer gehandelt wird, hat sich in der Motocross-Welt einen Namen gemacht, als er mit seinem KTM 250 SX-F-Werks-Bike den Saisonabschluss feierte.

In diesem Jahr beendete Ken die Weltmeisterschaft mit 8 Siegen und 4 zweiten Plätzen von insgesamt 15 Rennen. Er wurde nach ein paar schwachen Rennen in der Saisonmitte zurückgeworfen, zeigte dann aber seinen wahren Kampfgeist: Er bewies sich, holte unaufhaltbar auf und sicherte sich bei seinem Heimrennen den Weltmeisterschaftstitel.

Im Jahr 2011 fuhr Ken ausgewählte Rennen in der AMA SX Lites (West Coast) Meisterschaft für das Red Bull Teka KTM Factory Team unter der Führung von Roger DeCoster. Es gelang Ken, sein erstes SX Lites Podium in Anaheim 2 zu holen, wo er den dritten Platz belegte. Am Ende der Saison sicherte er sich seinen ersten SX Lites Gesamtsieg in Las Vegas.

Im Jahr 2012 fuhr Ken in den USA für das Red Bull KTM Factory Team und erweiterte seine Fähigkeiten unter der starken Hand von DeCoster, einer Legende im Sport und Teammanager mit sehr gutem Ruf und besten Referenzen.

Und diese Führung hat sich 2013 offensichtlich bezahlt gemacht, Ken fuhr an die Spitze und wurde AMA Western Regional 250SX Champion. 2014 wechselte er in die Premiumklasse der Lucas Oil Pro Motocross-Meisterschaft und gewann natürlich. Nach einem Übergangsjahr mit dem RCH Racing Suzuki Team im Jahr 2015 eroberte Roczen das Jahr 2016 im Sturm. Er gewann mehrere Supercross-Rennen und sicherte sich mit 9 von 12 möglichen Gesamtsiegen die Moto-Cross-Meisterschaft der 450 AMA Pro.

Ende 2016 wurde bekannt, dass Roczen dem begehrten Team von Factory Honda HRC beitreten wird und er weitere Titel im Jahr 2017 und darüber hinaus anstrebt.
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Paulin Gautier
Paulin began his obsession with two wheels racing BMX beginning at the age of six; winning multiple world championships by the age of 10 years old. At the age of 13 he would find his true calling after trading out pedals for a motor. So began his run into motocross.

Gautier would go on to make his debut at only 17 in the MX2 class of MXGP. Even with the little experience, he was constantly a podium threat and battling for wins in his first year.

As his career progressed he would build on to his resume capturing 5 MX2 world champtionships before moving up to big bikes in 2012. After moving up Gautier would take the championship in his first year and follow up that victory in 2013 with another commanding champtionship in 2014 MX1 class.

Fast forward to 2017 and Paulin is still hard on the gas, moving his competition out of the way and racing with the intensity that makes him a part of our Syndicate. We are pumped to have him on board the Shift team!
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2018 MX Tour – Round 5 | 07.07.18

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The first stop of the Eastern leg of the MX Tour was in none other than the Nation’s Capital City of Ottawa, Ontario.  Located 30km west of the Parliament buildings, the Sand Del Lee facility is nestled into the outskirts of the West end of Munster, Ontario.  A clay based track that’s mainly comprised of sand, it forms harsh square edged bumps throughout the track and the jump faces get deeply rutted.  Often claimed to be riders favourite track of the circuit, the sweeping corners and multiple jump options, the racing at MX101 Sand Del Lee facility is always some of the most exciting of the year.

Dylan Wright #12 – MX2:

Growing up minutes from the track, hometown hero Dylan Wright was eager to put on a show for the local friends & family in attendance. Always a dream to win his home race, Dylan was hungrier than ever.  In moto 1, the eagerness got the best of Dylan as he over jumped the start gate and was forced to pull over after lap 1 to be penalized ten positions before being allowed to re-enter the track.  Determined to keep the dream alive, Wright charged back from 11th, back to 2nd place by the checkers.  In moto 2, Wright got a top five start and went to work getting himself into 2nd place by lap 7.  Knowing the overall win was in his hands with his current position, Dylan rode it in for the Overall Victory and earned himself the Dale Argue Memorial award.

“It’s always been a dream to win my hometown race.  It means a lot to me and everyone around here that’s supported me over the years, I could hear the fans cheering every lap and glad I could put on a show for them.” – Dylan Wright. MX2 Overall winner

Colton Facciotti #45 – MX1

Coming into Round 5 tied for the MX1 Championship, Colton Facciotti was needing to separate himself from the pack and regain full control of his lead. With two overall victories so far, Facciotti ‘s consistency every weekend is hard to match.  In moto 1, Colton rounded the first corner in the top 3 and held that position for the majority of the race before making a late pass for the 2nd place spot. In moto 2, Facciotti got off to another great top 3 start and made quick work moving himself into the lead at the halfway point of the race and then checked out for the win and the Overall victory.  This gives Colton his third Overall Victory this season and now has a 7 point lead in the MX1 championship.

“it’s a close point’s battle in the top 5 right now with  no room for error so it’s going to come down to consistency for this championship.” – Colton Facciotti. MX1 Overall winner/MX1 series leader


MX2 Race Results:

1st – Dylan Wright (2-2)

2nd – Joey Crown (1-4)

3rd – Shawn Maffenbier (3-3)

4th – Josh Osby (6-5)

5th – Hayden Halstead (5-7)


MX2 Championship Standings:

1st – Shawn Maffenbeier (256 pts)

2nd – Joey Crown (239 pts)

3rd – Jess Pettis (231 pts)

4th – Josh Osby (212 pts)

5th – Marco Cannella (208 pts)

6th – Dylan Wright (185 pts)



MX1 Race Results:

1st – Colton Facciotti (2-1)

2nd – Tyler Medaglia (4-2)

3rd – Matt Goerke (3-3)

4th – Kaven Benoit (1-8)

5th – Cole Thompson (5-4)


MX1 Championship Standings:

1st – Colton Facciotti (256 pts)

2nd – Matt Georke (249 pts)

3rd – Kaven Benoit (239 pts)

4th – Cole Thompson (232 pts)

5th – Tyler Medaglia (228 pts)


Upcoming Race:

The next stop of the MX Tour is at the GDR Honda race team’s home track, the notorious Gopher Dunes.  The heat, rough conditions make this one of the most dreaded races of the season for riders – a true survival of the fittest.

Upcoming Racewear:

Here is a look at what the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will be showcasing at Round 6 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour at Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario.

MX Tour Round 6 Gear Plan

For complete results from the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series, visit the below links:




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Red Bull Rocks and Logs | 24.06.18

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Only a few kilometres from the central business district of Calgary, Alberta, the Red Bull Rocks and Logs course at the Wild Rose Motocross facility once again reshaped itself for another epic urban enduro battle.  Endurocross style features, outdoor elements and downtown city scape views make this a unique and exciting race.

Pro Mens:

Up and coming Hard Enduro racer, Manuel Lettenbichler from Germany took the flight from Munich to Calgary to test his endurocross skills against some other international competition.  Fresh off a recent podium at the infamous Erzberg Rodeo, Manuel adapted to the track quickly.  In a three-main event format, riders had the opportunity to use consistency to their advantage.  Lettenbichler’s sprint speed and consistency allowed him to sweep all three Main Events for his first Rocks and Logs title.

“it was such a pleasure to come here to Canada and race this awesome event. It was a lot of fun vibes but the racing was still challenging physically.” – Manuel Lettenbichler. 2018 Red Bull Rocks and Logs winner.

Pro Womens:

In the Pro Womens category, past winner and Calgary local, Lexi Pechout lined up for her first major race of the season.  A one-moto format would leave the women no room for errors if wanting the victory.  Lexi rode a solid Main Event, battling for second place but couldn’t make the pass happen and had to settle for a 3rd place finish.


Pro Mens:

1st – Manuel Lettenbichler (1-1-1)

2nd – Kyle Redmond (2-3-2)

3rd – Ty Tremaine (3-2-3)

4th – Dustin Mcarthy (6-5-4)

5th – Noah Kepple (4-4-5)


Pro Womens:

1st – Kacy Martinez

2nd – Melissa Harten

3rd – Lexi Pechout

4th – Kristen Broderick

5th – Jannie Devin-Lamontagne


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